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 Top 10 favorite games

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PostSubject: Top 10 favorite games   Top 10 favorite games Icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2013 12:40 am

What are your top 10 favorite games (including indie games)?
To me:
10. Misao - RPG maker indie horror game. It tells story about Aki, half-demon girl who investigates about a recently killed girl in her school, Misao. Misao was a lonely girl who got often bullied by her classmates. Before she died, she got raped twice and then killed. Her ghost decides to take revenge upon those who were bullying her and who are responsible for being raped and dead. You have to collect Misao's body parts (Head, Eyes, Brain, Arms, Legs and Heart) in order to save her curse. You have Onigawara, another demon who helps you and miss Library.

9. Yume Nikki - RPG maker indie ''horror'' game made by Kikiyama. I put horror in quotes 'cause Yume Nikki doesn't look very much like a game. It doesn't have plot at all neither does it have dialogues, all you have to do is find 24 ''effects''. Those effects change main character's appearence (ex. CAT EFFECT - BECOME NEKO, KNIFE - GETS KNIFE. Main character in this game is Madotsuki. She is a hikikomori living in apartment. All you can do in her room is play NASU, save game and dream. You can't go out. Dreaming is how you play game. Supposedly, Madotsuki is lucid dreamer. Those effects you have to find she finds in her dreams. If you think finding effect is easy, I can hardly disagree with you. There are over 200 areas in Yume Nikki. Most of them are acessable if you are lucky person, with some rooms being able to enter with chance of 1/200. Areas are very big, and unless you watch walktrough on youtube, you don't know how to find them. There is very big chance for you to be lost in those areas and all you can do is pinch yourself. Why is it a horror game? Background characters are very creepy looking, there are so called events and whole game by itself shows sickly horror characters and sexual images can be seen in allegoric. Despite being a bit frustrating, I really like game.

8. Mad father - yes, another indie horror game made by Wolf RPG maker. You play as Aya Drevis, 12 year old girl in Germany. Game starts at day her mother died, after one year. Suddenly, zombies, living dolls and creepy-looking sick people start attacking you. Later, you find out your dead mother, who is spiritualy present thanks to a mysterious man Ogre who's suspected to be a demon. Unlike Witch's house, images appear and zoom in randomly when encountering an enemy. Also, there are many scenes when walking in dark. This is time when you have to prepare your heart for another attack, 'cause when walking in dark, creepy images may randomly appear and screaming sounds can be heard. There are 3 endings, but none of them is happy ending, so yeah, kinda stupid.

7. Witch's house - another indie horror game made by Wolf RPG Maker. Story is very complicated and everything is so mysterious and really confusing. Seriosly, game needs to be played 6 times in order to understand everything and catch all ropes with a story. When I played it first, I had to hold my sister's hand and have my younger sisters and brother nearby in order to play it, and yet, I was still terrified. Game is really, really scary. There are various sounds that give you creeps, not to talk about creepy music which plays everytime when you've been chased. Many monsters will attack you, and you don't have anything to defend yourself. Only option is running. This makes it more terrifying. Enemies are really creepy and you just run there are, shivering from fear, wondering when will enemy stop chasing you. What's worse, they just start attacking you and it's very likely for you to die on very first try 'cause you don't know when to expect them. Drop your guard and GAMEOVER. Also, game is full of hard riddles, and require you to use your cerebral cortex more than usual. Game has 3 endings, not different from each other, but each telling story on different perspectives. In this game, you will see two girls fighting for life, with only one being allowed to live.

6. Bayonetta - many people would say it's a clear copy of DMC, but that never bothered me. Bayonetta is much more creative. Story tells about a witch who has lost her memories and now she tries discovering who she is. Firstible, whole game is one big art. From Bayonetta herself to level designs. Everything is so much creative, enemies, levels... that always amazes me in games.

5. The Sims 2 (console) - not many people I know like The Sims (especially my sister) but I really liked it. At first, game was really crazy and childlish to me, but later I really loved it. I fell in love with whole series. Of course, Sims 2 doesn't have story since it's simulation and doesn't have amazing graphics, but I really liked it. I did everything in game except progressing (like there was something to progress).

4. The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the dragon - another game series made by Naughty dog, but this part was taken by Sierra. While it destroyed Crash series, it made Spyro series much better. Story is interesting and graphics are really beautiful (on PS3). I cleared whole game in 2-3 hours which is really bad 'cause I enjoyed it very much and it seemed like only 2 minutes passed. Too bad it wasn't bit longer, but what could be added? Thing I like about Sierra Spyro more than Naughty dog Spyro is Spyro's ability to control 4 elements and having his partner Cynder, making it multiplayer game which I really liked. Altough there are some frustrating moments in the game, I enjoyed it most of time.

3. Crash Bash - I played it when I was very little. Between Crash Bandicoot, Wrath of Cortex, Warped and Crash Bash, Crash Bash is the best. Crash was legendary series and I really enjoyed playing it.

2. Ib - it's a free indie horror game made by RPG maker 2000. by Kouri. Despite its short gameplay (30-50 minutes min) it has amazing love story. You play as Ib, 9-year old girl who ends up in gallery being chased by its artworks. You have a rose which depicts your life, you have 5 petals and once it wilts, GAMEOVER. It's important to say you can't defend and fight at all. Best thing is meeting a mysterious young man Garry. Bond between them is very strange and yet so romantic and cute. It doesn't seem weird for him to like 9-year old girl despite being about 7 years older than her. Ib has very beautiful osts and many riddles and choices you have to make thinking about their outcome and very ending. Depending on your choices, you get one of 6 endings, with one ending being the ''true'' ending.

1. Chrono Trigger - despite it's made in 1995. and doesn't have good graphics, it's the best game I've ever played. Story is so interesting and yet imaginative, character's past and their lives are also interesing and while playing the game, you connect with them and start seeing yourself in one of them, ost is really beautiful, especially Frog's theme and To my good friends. Chracter design is made by Akira Toriyama and very much associates on Dragon ball's characters. I really enjoyed playing it and it wasn't very frustrating as it might be to most players as it's very hard game. Ending made me cry so much ;_;

Yeah, I mostly enjoy indie horror games and not-so popular games. What about you?

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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 favorite games   Top 10 favorite games Icon_minitimeWed Jun 26, 2013 8:48 pm

well my favourite game is Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne + DotA
and i like DOTA 2 all versions of Lord of the Rings well and some others too but a bit less.
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Top 10 favorite games
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